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White Rock Stables

~ a unique destination for healing with horses ~ 

J Amelita Facchiano, PhD

As a young girl, Amelita would secret herself in her bedroom closet with Volume H of the encyclopedia.  Enchanted by the magnificent creatures that galloped through the page, stirring her soul.  Contrary to the family tradition of a medical career, Amelita followed her lyrical nature into the performing-arts.  Her fantasies were supplanted by the realities of a career until one cold February morning, many years and a thousand miles from her childhood; a neighbor in casual conversation invited her to go riding with her.

Dreams and reality converged into the one perfect 'God moment' as her friend introduced her to a horse she would ride that day; Bandits’s LadyBug.  Within six months LadyBug would be hers and Amelita was on her way to her deepest dream. LadyBug became Amelita’s angel through personal and professional challenges, brightening the dark, refreshing her spirit, and giving her courage to preserve.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”                              ~Winston Churchill.

In 1990 a robbery at the stable, horses, tack and trailers taken, save Ladybird. Amelita pondered this remarkable fate as she threw herself into the recovery efforts of the other owners.

Bystanders have the opportunity to lead crowd toward empathy or indifference said,’ said James A. Michener. Amelita knew then she would make it her life mission to lead, educate other horse owners and make a difference.

Over the following years, she was instrumental in the research / development of an RFID program for equids within the Federal National ID Program.  She was successful in the passage of a Horse Inspection Program in Texas.  The measure was signed into law September 1997 by then Texas Governor George W Bush.

Her work in this topic resulted in her being featured in an episode of Walt Disney’s The Crusader’s.

In 1999, BloodHorse published her first Handbook on Horse ID and Theft Prevention. All royalties go to the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Foundation.

When LadyBug suffered a close brush with death from colic surgery, Amelita, true to her spirit immersed herself in Equine Science and Veterinary Medicine providing the support for recovery, as LadyBug had done for her.  

Equine sciences and microbiology seemed a perfect fit for Amelita's chosen path which took her to study at Texas A&M as well as Colorado State.  

Amelita's career encompasses numerous leadership positions and awards including:

US Animal Health Association

*  Infectious Diseases of Horses Committee

*  Equine Infectious Diseases Committee

*  Equine ID Committee

*  Aninal Welfare Committee

National Institute of Animal Agriculture

*  2005 Volunteer of the Year

Texas & SW Cattle Raisers Association

*  Horse Inspection Program

American Association of Equine Practitioners

Her passion for equine ID and electronic diagnostic lab forms/reporting, lead her career to a Project Management position with the Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health (CEAH) within USDA Veterinary Services, Fort Collins, CO.  

Today, Amelita also manages the practice and diagnostic lab for Lone Star Park Equine Hospital in Grand Prairie, Texas.  


My eating disorder shortened a hopeful ballet career.  And it almost took my classically trained voice.  

Then, the amazing gift of a horse awakened hope, healing and passionate purpose.  

Today, my social impact allows me to pay that gift forward by creating a unique destination for healing with horses; bringing me a step closer to being a change I want to see in the world.


Bandit's LadyBug and Amelita from Time Magazine 1990


My greatest dream has always been to one day be allowed to manage WRS.

To the management of WRS, I bring > 35 years of equine science and business management.  

What a joy is to see our young people grow and flourish from their life here at WRS and return to us with their talents and gifts.  

One such young lady is Julie Rentfro Wilson, my partner in the management of WRS and riding instructor.  Her bio-sketch is on the previous page.  

I'm so grateful for the many boarder volunteers at WRS that stand ready to jump in when ever the need arises; be it an immediate rain dump, high wind / water or tornado and its after math.  

Special thank you with all my heart to Texas Oddson, Sr, my stable father in heaven, to Texas M Oddson, Jr. and Terrence A Oddson, MD for allowing me "good stewardship" of their business and properties.  

Each and every day I cross the hollowed threshold into the heaven on earth of White Rock Stables, I thank God for the gift of a horse ... 

“God forbid that I go to any heaven where there are no horses.” 

                   ~ R.B. Cunningham-Graham